To all the farmers, bakers, salesmen, living of their goods
The market has a space for you, be present if you could

Vendors Edition 2024

In order to make Fantasy Court the best version it could be, we’d like to have people who can enrich the experience in whatever way possible. For vendors and entertainers who provide fantasy-related content, we offer an enthusiastic audience interested in LARP and the entire fantasy genre. If you share our enthusiasm you can apply for a place using this link . Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us .

Fantasy Court will take place on Sunday June 9th 2024, on het Koeveld, on the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology (Den Dolech 12, TU/e, Eindhoven). The expected end time of the build-up is 10.30h, and the festival ends at 18.00h. We intend to organise an awesome late morning and afternoon full of exciting activities.

Following is specific information for vendors, associations and charities and acts. In case you have any questions it is always possible to contact us through .


Larp-organisations and charities

Like last year Larp-organisations are welcome to present themselves at the Fantasy Court. Here you will have the option to meet new people, and have them discover your Larp. It is also a great place to meet other like-minded people. Additionally charities and non-profit organisations are also welcome to participate is they have overlap with the theme of fantasy. Feel free to contact us to discuss what is possible.

The stand fee for Larps is €10,- on the condition that they organise a (small) activity at the festival. This can be a game from the larp, quests or for instance making cryptographic keys. We do not charge a fee to charities. Larps and charities can bring their own tent or rent a stall for the normal fee. Alternatively we can arrange one table for free. It is allowed and even encouraged to bring props and decoration to personalise your stand.

The subscriptions close on Sunday the 14th of April. If you want to join even though this deadline has passed you can contact us and we will see what is possible.


There will be a market as per usual: a variety of stalls selling things related to LARP, TTRPG, board games, or the genre of Fantasy. This can vary from things like jewellery and costumes to books and dice. There is also space for vendors selling food or drinks.

Registration costs for vendors require a registration fee of €20,-. It is possible for you to give a small workshop or demo, which reduces your registration costs. Please contact the organisation if you would like to do a workshop or demo so we can discuss details.

It is also possible to rent a market stall or tent through us (depending on availability). Of course, it is also allowed to bring your own materials like tents, benches, or stalls. Please contact the organisation in advance to let us know what materials you will use, as this is relevant for the field layout. It is possible to mention if you will be bringing your own materials in the registration form.

Acts & Activities

We are always looking for people able to perform acts! Think of things like music or dance, but also storytelling or even organising short-LARPs. Please contact the organisation if you would like to do this so we can discuss the details and compensation.

See you at the court!