Farmers, nobels, citizens and travelers of all sort
You are all formally invited to enter the Fantasy Court.

What is Fantasy Court?

Fantasy Court is a fantasy festival that is focused on the somewhat unique and niche culture that surrounds fantasy events and LARP (Live Action Role Playing). This festival has a vast array of stalls, associations, and activities that all fall under the purview of the awesome world of fantasy. This would entail LARP associations, surprising board games, exotic foods, a LARP swordfighting tournament, LARP swordfighting for kids, storytellers, a LARP archery range as well as a wide variety of stalls that sell anything related. We offer all that belongs in the world of fantasy, and anything that will make you feel part of that world.

Most importantly, everyone is welcome! If you’re a student or not, a parent with children or alone; it does not matter who you are. You will be welcome and you will find something to do. There will be workshops organized, various activities, and the all impressive sword fighting tournament for children and adults!

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Edition 2023

Fantasy Court 2023 is coming! On Sunday June 11th, Fantasy Cour will be back at 11.00-18.00h. This edition will again feature vendors selling their items on a market, epic battles for both veterans and beginners during the LARP-swordfighting tournament, beautiful music made by various artists, and the possibility to win pluchies during archery!

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Fantasy Court 2023 takes place on the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology on het Koeveld.

Editie 2022 - Open the Gates!

The 2022-edition of Fantasy Court was a grand success, especially after all the lockdowns. The vibe was present as always, with with a market, a LARP swordfighting tournament, and archery, just like in the good old days! For this reason, this edition also had a special theme: Open the Gates!.

In 2022, we cooperated with the LARP Platform to create a LARP-corner, where different LARP-organisations group together hosted a cosy corner for new people who are interested in LARP and the whole world around it. Furthermore, extra activities like a NERF shooting range were set up, meaning that there were a lot more fun things to do throughout the day itself.

Edition 2021

Fantasy Court 2021 took place online on this website, where vendors that would have normally attended a physical event each got their own subpage. These subpages consisted of great photos, fun facts about vendors or Fantasy Court itself, and of course the things sold by each vendor. By “walking around” the digital festival, you got to know the answers to the treasure hunt, which would give you a chance to win the last LARP Xperience box of the LARP Platform!

The winner of the treasure was announced through our social media. Congrats!

LARP Platform Article 2021

In collaboration with the LARP Platform, we wrote an article about Fantasy Court! What can you do there? Who is the organisation? Where can we be found? This (and more) is explained in combination with a set of beautiful pictures!

Video and Article Edition 2019

The Cursor made a video and wrote an article about Fantasy Court 2019. It was pretty warm that day, but nevertheless the day was very successful!

Edition 2019

The most recent physical edition of Fantasy Court, Fantasy Court 2019 , took place on the afternoon of the 2nd of June 2019, on the campus of the Technical University of Eindhoven. In order to ensure success, we ordered an extra serving of good weather. Sadly, we got a bit too much sun, resulting in high temperatures. This wasn’t enough to spoil the fun, though, and with an additional layer of suntan, we managed to make it a beautiful event full of amazing stories, brave combat, and all-around fun.

Previous editions

The festival originally started back in 2016 as the LarpBattle , followed by two successful editions of Fantasy Court: Fantasy Court 2018 and Fantasy Court 2017 . And this year has every intention to even better than the previous ones. So if you want to witness something magical, edition 2020 is not one you want to miss.

How can I participate?

The festival area is open to everyone and neither a ticket nor a reservation is required to enter. To join the tournament people will have to register (for free). This can be done at the tournament area before the start of the tournament.

Things to do on the festival

Among other things:

To all tradesmen, vendors and travelling performers

Do you want to join with a stall, act, or service at Fantasy Court? Then please go to our vendors information page .

If you wish to sponsor us so that we can bring this wonderful subculture to the people at large through this wonderful festival this summer? Then please contact us at . With your sponsorship we can ensure that the festival is open to everyone and make it even more fantastical with extra entertainment to make it a most marvellous day.

See you at the court!


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