Edition 2023

Welcome to Fantasy Court 2023! This edition will take place on the 11th of June in Eindhoven (TU/e campus) from 11.00-18.00h! An overview of our program, vendors, and organisations will be published at a later date. Practical information is included below.


Food, snacks, and drinks can be bought on the markt. Free tap water is available (but bring your own mug or bottle). There are wheelchair accessible toilets in a nearby building.

Location and Parking

The event takes place on a field without an address on the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The nearby parking lot and navigation address are: Den Dolech 12, 5613 AZ, Eindhoven. Fantasy Court is located south of that, at coordinates: 51.447228696063085, 5.484236714828935

From the Eindhoven Central Station (by train or bus), it is a walk of a few minutes towards the north-east. You will be able to find small signs leading to Fantasy Court on and around the TU/e campus.

Parking on the TU/e campus is free for the first 30 minutes, after which parking costs €0.50 per 15 minutes, to a maximum of €7.50 a day. Parking outside the campus is free in Rachelsmolen (a street) or in the street parallel to the Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat.



Apart from the fact that Fantasy Court has more vendors than ever, this year the court’s podium is also fuller than ever! Enjoy the sun while while listening to the music or watching dance, take part in workshops, or show everyone your favourite outfit!

Balfolk Workshop

Do you want to dance during Fantasy Court? Really throw a party? Then this workshop by Sophie van Grinsven is something for you! Thhis workshop is open to everyone, with or without experience! Balfolk is a type of dance that consists of a collection of West-European dances. In balfolk both duo as well as group-dances are performed. Originally, these dances were performed on weddings and town parties in different places in Europe. Today, balfolk can be described as an active tradition with all kinds of influences from several other types of music and dance.


Andawenn plays atmospheric instrumental music originating from Ireland, Scotland and Bretagne. Maaike de Waal plays the Irish flute, transverse flute and whistles. Hans Elzinga plays the Guitar. Nice melodies to listen silently to, and jigs and reels to move with!

Het Doldwaze Draai Duo

What’s better than a hurdy-gurdy? Two hurdy-gurdies of course! The duo will get everyone dancing, or at least moving, with their rhytms.

Dance Act: The Warrior Within

The dancers from Fan-tastique , Ilse “Meave”, Bonny Boudicca and Desirée join forces with those of Triskelion , Sophie van Grinsven, to bring a small ode to those that are fighting their own battle or have done so in the past. Ultimately, there is a warrior with their own battle contained within all of us. The show named “The Warrior Within” will show dance combined with hand fans and other attributes, ending with a fan veil. Afterwards, you can try to it yourself!

Costume Contest

Are needle and thread just your thing? Do you always have a self-made outfit ready to put on? Then the costume contest is for you! Registration is possible on the day itself at the info-stand. Nice prizes can be won!

Wanted!: The Pirate Bard

Last year the infamous pirate roamed our court! We’ve heard rumours that he will return this year to show his musical talent! Who is this pirate, and why is he here?!

On the Tournament Field

Several activities take place on the tourney field:

Other Activities

And there is even more, some activities and demos can be found spread out over the festival to provide you with some nice enjoyment on Fantasy Court.


The different vendors can be found beneath. Interested in what these are? Take a look at our Facebook or Instagram to get more details on them!